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Paris- climate 2015: Let’s also talk about education

Preliminary text towards Transition in Education for COP 21
Collectif “Paris Education 2015”
Paris- climate 2015: Let’s also talk about education 

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 Without reforming education systems, will societies be able to assume their responsibilities towards the future generations, the planet and the climate?


2015 Paris Climate Change Conference
Abstract: "Let's talk about education too"

The climate challenge, set to be the focus of global debate at this year's COP21 conference in Paris, should serve as a reminder that education is the principal means of bringing about change. What kind of education should we be aiming for, in order to meet the challenges posed by climate change?
Since the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, the "sustainable development" debate has reflected the widespread belief that a "better future" can only be achieved by raising awareness and educating stakeholders and the general public. This global education about the importance of sustainable development must necessarily promote the values of respect, solidarity and justice. It will need to be a lifelong education, firmly rooted in different parts of the world to pave the way for global citizenship.
In order to bring about the changes necessary, structural obstacles will need to be overcome in education systems, and ad hoc resources will need to be devoted to the educational transition. With this in mind, the education ministers invited to Paris by their French counterpart for a thematic day during the climate conference, must:
- acknowledge and affirm the key role played by education systems in the transition towards sustainable societies
- decide to develop the mechanisms required to accelerate this educational transition process.


In the Fall of 2014, the association « Paris Education 2015” wrote a position paper entitled “Paris Climate 2015: Let’s Also Talk About Education.” As a result, the French Government, and in particular the Ministry of National Education, designated a Thematic Day to discuss education for sustainable development during the COP21 that will take place in Paris in December 2015.
The text below serves as a proposal, so that, in accordance with their respective governments, Ministries of Education gathered in Paris during the conference on Climate Change:
+ Express and affirm the significant role education can play in the transition towards sustainable development.
+ Decide to build the necessary mechanisms to accelerate an educational transition by dedicating a significant part of carbon commerce and taxation to this project.
+ Create a national and international legal framework to share revenues generated by greenhouse gases.
To reach these goals, we hope to obtain a maximum of signatories for this memorandum and give it more punch in order to influence decision makers.
We would be honored to count you as a signatory who would participate in this adventure towards a necessary change in education as a tool to fight against climate disturbance.
We have created a form for signing this text, you will find it at the following address. Thank you for sharing it as widely as possible:


The « Paris éducation 2015 » collective

  • + Renée-Paule Blochet – Jacqueline Charron : president and secretary of the NGO « les Amis de circée »
  • + Pierre Calame : honorary president of the Charles Léopold Mayer fondation – FPH
  • + Maryse Clary : senior lecturer at the Aix-Marseille university
  • + Roland Gérard : president of CFEEDD and « Ecole et Nature » network
  • + Thierry Lerévérend : manager of the « Fondation pour l’Education à l’Environnement en Europe » (FEEE)
  • + Philippe Meirieu : senior lecturer at university of Lyon and vice-president of EELV for the « Rhône-Alpes » region.
  • + Richard Pétris : manager of the NGO « Ecole de la Paix »
  • + Yves Reinkin : honorary deputy of the « Wallonie-Bruxelles » region. Former vice-president of the commission for education at « Commission éducation de l'Assemblée parlementaire de la Francophonie » (APF)
  • + Michèle Rivasi : deputy at the European parliament
  • + Philippe Saugier : European advisor for education and global


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